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Getting Started

17 June, 2005

Network support completed.

Networking support is now fully functional and is in alpha testing stage. Play over the internet or a local network is possible with TCP/IP configured.

Title bar for network game



06 June, 2005

Network support is well underway

Although quite far from a stable and tested version, the networking for Cluedo has been completed and initial testing has been very promising.

Networking will be playable over the Internet or a local network supporting TCP/IP.

Screenshot of the host game window

Host game screenshot



17th May, 2005

Project accepted on

The Art of Murder

Cluedo, The Art of Murder is a murder mystery game in which you take on the roll of a detective, you use your logic and deduction to deduce the murderer and win the game, proving that you are the master sleuth.

Main features:

  • Several colourful several maps (and mapping tools)
  • Artificial Intelligence AI players

  • Configurable weapons and character cards and images

  • Sounds effects and ambience sounds

  • Support for multiple languages

In the pipe-line:

  • Networking support

  • Advanced AI players

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Written March 06/03/05, by Alex Ellis